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Hello and welcome on my homepage.

I am a motorcycle traveler.  From my house, which is located in the middle of Thailand, I travel  Southeast Asia in all directions.

Most of the time I travel  alone, which has great advantages for me, because, so I need to take no  account of those traveling with me. I can stop wherever I want, I can  talk to people for as long as I want, and I can sleep wherever I like or  my budget allows.

From time to time, however, I also take my wife with me, which provides me valuable translation services.

From time to time I go somewhere with my Thai friends and only to relax and have fun.

There  is much to discover for those who are planning to come to Thailand or  for those who just want to read first-hand about a foreign country and  culture. My homepage is very different from a conventional guide. I live  in the suburbs and have been for many years, I speak the language a bit  and do not always depend on outside help. And last but not least, I'm  not funded by third parties, so I do not have to defend its interests. I  am completely independent and finance exclusively through donations and  advertising. If you are already advertising, it would be nice if you  deactivated your adblocker for this website.

On my homepage I report about my travels in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

I  will also tell you about my trips with my Thai friends, what I have  experienced with them and how different it is from my travels.

Of course, must not be missing, what I experience so in my village and what the Otto normal tourist never gets to see.

All this I will write from my personal point of view, unadorned and unadulterated.

Also,  about entry requirements in the neighboring countries, especially with  the bike, I will report as well as it is, of course, without guarantee  because as you might know in these countries, the provision with the  wind change.

So stay tuned there are many topics and many exciting things to discover.

Ah something else, in the guestbook you can write me something. Whether praise or criticism, I am happy about every comment.

Please  do not be directly disappointed if you do not directly find what you  expected. It is a lot of work and there is a lot to do, stay tuned and  follow my reports and enjoy new information that I will put online again  and again.

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